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Popular Courses

Top 8 courses


Intro to AML

In this course we go behind the curtain and discuss the three steps to money laundering and terrorist financing.

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Client Identification Program

Every financial institution from banks to hedge funds to fintech startups needs a CIP policy and procedure.

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Know Your Customer

A strong KYC program is essential for any bank or financial institution. Who does

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Boolean Searching

Boolean searching can be intimidating at first, but we'll walk you thought exactly how to do it without over complicating the process.

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Transaction Monitoring

You'll learn how to spot suspicious transactions and read the excel details. Lastly we will teach you 17 different red flag typologies.

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Suspicious Activity Reports

You will get hands-on experience conducting investigations on real live entities.

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Information Sharing

Learn what 314(a) and 314(b) searches are and how to execute them.

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Currency Transaction Reports

In this lesson you will learn the limits banks and fintechs have to abide by and how to fill one out.

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Conducting KYC investigations

A step by step approach to conducting investigations as part of the KYC process.

Transaction Mointoring Investigations

Learn how to track fraudulent money as it moves around the globe, and learn how you can stop it in its tracks.

Draft Controls Regulators Will Love

Writing a clearness and effective control is crucial for anyone in compliance. You'll be able to identify the types of controls and draft one that will past regulatory scrutiny.

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Quizzes & Assignments

Quizzes & Assignments

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