Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment training is becoming increasingly necessary following the #MeToo movement which began in late 2017. An increasing number of states REQUIRE employers to conduct sexual harassment prevention training.

At Compliance Prep

We offer several options depending on the size of the organization.

We provide:

Interactive in-person training

Web-based training

Track Employee Compliance

Trainings Provided

All of our trainings provide employees the option to submit questions to the presenter throughout and after the presentation.

Need more

Than Just Training?

Compliance Prep offers various packages depending on the needs and size of the organization. Our services range from providing training to creating and maintaining anti-harassment and anti- racial - discrimination

Why choose Compliance Prep for your Company’s training?

Our team will make sure the organization is in compliance with state training requirements.

Ensure that employees and supervisors actually understand the laws of sexual harassment, discrimination and the FMLA.

With proper training and guidance, Compliance Prep will help your company avoid costly legal liability which can divert the company’s time and resources.

Proper training in sexual harassment and anti-discrimination will help the organization maximize the limited time, energy and manpower of an employer’s HR department.

Increase workplace moral by avoiding the demoralization and employee turnover that sexual harassment can cause in the workplace.

Avoid damage to the employer’s reputation that a sexual harassment or racial discrimination claim may bring.