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Compliance Prep LLC is a coaching, training and development agency that has serviced individuals and multinational corporations globally.  Our company is a champion for social justice and civil rights issues for gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, disability inclusion, anti-racism, neurodiversity and allyship.


To position our clients as a platinum standard in DE&I best practices we offer 3 tiers of support.

On Demand E-Learning Modules

Our e-learning trainings are developed to boost diversity awareness, workplace respectfulness, unconscious or implicit bias and microaggressions or other micro-messages. Compliance Prep e-learning modules are interactive and encourages employee participation throughout each learning modules.

GOAL: Promote DE&I as a strategic priority.

Listening Tours: Courageous Conversations

Our workshops are one-hour discussions that includes time for Q + A discussion. During these conversations, we provide participants an opportunity to speak freely without judgment and ask anonymous questions. Courageous conversations acknowledge the “elephant in the room” and address uncomfortable topics such as diversity fatigue.

GOAL: Gather qualitative data on employee sentiment regarding company’s equity efforts thereby improving workplace morale.

Resident Chief Diversity Officer

Compliance Prep will gauge the cultural temperature through executive coaching, employee surveys and evaluating data on diversity metrics. This will allow us to establish action items and provide a gap analysis in which we identify where DE&I efforts may either be hindering or helping the achievement of the company’s goals. A timeline will be provided to reach each strategic milestone.

GOAL: Implement guidelines and resources that prioritize DE&I as an integral part of the company design to ensure a safe environment where employees thrive professionally.


Workplace Policy Audit, Assessment and Revision
Top Level Support for senior leaders
Recruit and Retain Top Talent

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Company Needs Diversity


Tier 1:
E-learning Training

Client can license a training for either 3, 6, 9 months or 1 year: cost range from $10,000 USD to $50,000 USD depending on the length of the license.

Tier 2:
Courageous Conversations

$2,500 USD per workshop – 1 hour

Tier 3:
Resident Chief Diversity Officer and Trusted Advisory Services

$10,000 USD per month

Add Ons: Hourly Rate

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